Clementine Stoney Maconachie, 

Creative Director, The Visuals
General creative genius, designer and maker

Clementine works closely with major Australian fashion labels.  One minute she’s styling their stores for maximum eye-popping appeal, the next she’s thinking up the concept for their next major window display project, designing, building and installing it.  From our Sydney base she has rolled out major visual merchandising campaigns across Australia.  She is always busy coming up with amazing concepts for special events.  From a couples’ big day to exclusive gigs and major corporate dos.  One of Clem’s passions is furniture and fixture design.  Her sleek, minimalist designs are perfect for home, the office, or the showroom, and are tailored to your style aesthetic.  Steel, leather and marble are amongst her staples, but if you fancy something else Clem will find it and craft it into you unique special piece – or set.


2008-2015 - Creative/ VM Manager at sass and bide

Clementine worked directly with sass and bide co-founder Heidi Middleton, planning and executing sass and bide’s visual merchandising projects Australia wide, in New Zealand and New York City.  Clementine worked closely with sass and bide’s guru architect Kelvin Ho with the roll out of more than 20 retail stores throughout Australia as well as in New Zealand and New York City.  She was on the ground for almost all of those store openings, ensuring the stores looked perfect and that the openings went off without a hitch.  Whilst in New York for the opening of sass and bide’s first Northern Hemisphere store Clem took a little time out of her busy schedule to make a small contribution to New York’s world renowned street art scene.  She also briefed Australian and international artists to put unique touches such as installations and sculptures in many of sass and bide’s stores.  Adam Laerkesen’s stunning installation in sass and bide’s Strand Arcade store is a sight to behold, and would not have come to be without Clem’s inspiration.

 2003 – 2007 - Fashion model and design student and personal trainer.

1995 – 2003 – Elite competitive swimmer.

 Clementine retired from swimming in 2003 as one of Australia’s all-time leading backstrokers to focus on her creative passions.  She was then the Australian record-holder in 200m backstroke short course, second all-time Australian in the 100m backstroke short course and second all-time Aussie in the 200m long course behind Olympic medallist Nicole Livingstone.  Clementine now applies the drive and determination that took her to the heights of world swimming to bring your creative projects to the height of their potential.

2002 - Australian Commonwealth Games Swim team.

 2001 - FINA backstroke sc world record, World Championships.

 2000 - Australian Olympic Swim team.